Building wealth is tough. Giving it away prudently is tougher, though. Whether it is planned transition to children and other heirs, or philanthropic giving to charities, or setting up a private foundation, the options are many and complex. Worthune sheds lights on the options and explores the pros and cons and relevance to various situations.

College Savings Options for Wealthy Families

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There are a different college savings options for wealthy families, but confusion abounds about what path is the right one.  In particular, for high net worth parents and grandparents, providing for a college education to the next generation, while balancing taxes, moral hazards (kids having access to too much money), risks and controls, and wealth transfer [...]

Donor Advised Funds – A Comprehensive Guide to DAFs

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Worthune’s comprehensive and in-depth guide to Donor Advised Funds (or D.A.F.s) helps wealthy families understand the new and hot concept in charitable giving spanning areas like how a Donor-Advised fund works, what are the pros and cons of a donor-advised fund, the tax implications, and a brief overview of the various sponsoring organizations. Donor Advised Funds [...]