Life goals are aplenty – whether it is sending junior to college, or securing the retirement; or whether it is building more wealth or leaving a legacy. For all such big and small goals, a plan works as a compass to get to where you want to go. Worthune will offer ideas, insights, and inspiration to plan well, live well, give well, and leave well.

The Ultimate Guide to Private Placement Life Insurance

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Worthune’s Ultimate Guide to Private Placement Life Insurance provides in-depth information and nuanced perspectives about an innovative investment plus insurance vehicle that may be appropriate for the high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and families.  (There is a companion product – the private placement variable annuity (PPVA) which may also be a complement to [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Financial Advisor

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For many high net worth clients, choosing a financial advisor is a critical step in their financial planning and wealth management journey.  You will be embarking on a partnership that lasts multiple years, if not decades, and hence picking a financial planner/wealth manager is a decision fraught with tremendous consequences. Depending on the overall wealth and [...]

College Savings Options for Wealthy Families

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There are a different college savings options for wealthy families, but confusion abounds about what path is the right one.  In particular, for high net worth parents and grandparents, providing for a college education to the next generation, while balancing taxes, moral hazards (kids having access to too much money), risks and controls, and wealth transfer [...]

Ultimate Variable Annuity Guide for Wealthy Investors

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Worthune’s Ultimate Variable Annuity Guide for Wealth Investors addresses the often controversial and a complex investment plus insurance vehicle – the Variable Annuities.  The industry is rife with debates between various quarters with a vested interest – each espousing their point of view. We are not going to take sides. The Variable Annuity Guide for Wealthy [...]

Donor Advised Funds – A Comprehensive Guide to DAFs

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Worthune’s comprehensive and in-depth guide to Donor Advised Funds (or D.A.F.s) helps wealthy families understand the new and hot concept in charitable giving spanning areas like how a Donor-Advised fund works, what are the pros and cons of a donor-advised fund, the tax implications, and a brief overview of the various sponsoring organizations. Donor Advised Funds [...]

The Myth of Perfect Financial Plans

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Many financial planners go to extreme lengths and in the bargain subject their clients to considerable pain while creating the precise or perfect financial plans.  The intentions are noble, the approach sounds reasonable, the calculations are accurate, and the inputs are painstakingly detailed, but the challenges are in assumptions and the dynamic nature of life.  Even [...]