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Donor Advised Funds – A Comprehensive Guide to DAFs

Worthune’s comprehensive and in-depth guide to Donor Advised Funds (or D.A.F.s) helps wealthy families understand the new and hot concept in charitable giving spanning areas like how a Donor-Advised fund works, what are the pros [...]

Hedge Fund Investing Guide for Wealthy Investors

Worthune’s Hedge Fund Investing Guide is a comprehensive overview of key aspects of alternative investments universe including whether to invest in hedge funds, how to select the right fund/manager, where to invest, and how to [...]

Smart Beta Investing Strategies

Worthune’s Smart Beta Investing Strategy Guide for Wealthy Investors: If you are a wealthy investor, your advisors may have brought up the concept of Smart Beta or Smart Beta Investing. For investors with a significant [...]

Collar Options Strategy: How to write a collar option?

Wealthy investors, particularly executives with concentrated positions in a specific stock (or stocks), who are always worried about how to protect the position/wealth against market volatility may want to consider a collar options strategy. Imagine, [...]